PFAS - leaching/ immobilization of contaminated soils

According to the current state of scientific knowledge, PFAS are not biodegradable or chemically degradable. Together with our strong partners, we have developed an innovative process to remove PFAS from the water cycle.

Our technical solution for PFAS remediation involves the use of biopolymers, which are used to leach PFAS from contaminated soils. The biopolymers provide very attractive binding opportunities for the PFASs, allowing them to desorb from the soil matrix and transfer into the aqueous solution. This allows them to be washed out of the soil.

Using the flotation technology developed by Sensatec, the flushing solution is collected and released from PFAS so that the rinse water can be reused again.

We can implement this technology for you both on-site, in the form of flushed windrows, and in-situ by spraying the soil with biopolymer solution and pumping off the flushing water in the groundwater near the surface.

This technology has been successfully tested on sites e.g. in the Baden-Baden area, where one of the largest PFAS soil contaminations in Germany is located.

Alternatively, Sensatec offers stable immobilization of PFAS for contaminated soils on-site as well as for contaminated aquifers in-situ.

For this purpose, high-performance PFAS adsorbents based on adsorption resins as well as special activated carbons are used, which are either mixed with the soil material or applied into the subsurface in a stable location with the help of our special solid injection techniques.

Since the group of PFAS represents a large mixture of substances, probably consisting of more than 10,000 individual substances, it is important to make the right selection for the most effective adsorbents depending on the PFAS spectrum.

For this purpose, we use our process engineering laboratory to identify the most effective products for PFAS immobilization for you in each case and to calculate their addition quantities in an optimized manner.

This approach is economical for our customers and at the same time ensures the success of the treatment.