In-Situ Remediation

Our experience acquired over many years enables us to install the "invisible" remediation system below the ground´s surface. Depending on requirements, the remediation systems can be installed completely below the surface, similar to shaft constructions, underground garages or the basement of buildings. Such solutions are free of any restrictions to the site. The maintenance and service of the fully automated installations are performed by fully trained Sensatec staff.


The Benefits::

  • Unrestricted access and use of the remediated site
  • No disturbances in regular operating procedures

  • High acceptance of the remediation procedures by site users

  • Lack of discomfort caused by noise or occupied space

  • Low cost due to carrying out the remediation process under the ground´s surface in the natural environment

  • Remediation tailored to an individual´s needs and requirements



Our catalogue of remediation technologies consist of:

  • Infiltration and Injection of Working Agents
  • Pump and Treat, Active Agent Circulation
  • Air Sparging, Methane Biostimulation
  • ORC Wall Technology, Direct Gas Injections
  • Carrier-Assisted Active Agent Injections
  • Medium and High Temperature Procedures
  • Surfactant Mobilisation
  • Aerobic and Anaerobic Biostimulation
  • ISCO In-Situ Chemical Oxidation
  • Heavy Metal Immobilisation