Bioremediation of oil-contaminated soil in Kazakhstan

Project description

The project consisted of the bioremediation of soil contaminated with mineral oils and approximately 3% crude oil. The soil matrix consisted of a fine grain composition with high salt contents. Therefore, a special bioremediation process employing static regeneration had been developed. The remediation procedure also included the sensor assisted addition of air and steam via pulse injections. The process was completely monitored remotely by a local WLAN sensor network and a transmitter station..


Technology / Features

This particular bioremediation process has been developed especially for hot climatic conditions. The pulse- like ventilation technology considerably reduces the amount of air required for the oxygen supply to the ground thereby preventing the soil from drying out. The water content of the soil, which is crucial for successful remediation was monitored and regulated by steam/spray injections based on data provided by moisture sensors installed in the soil. In addition, due to the high salt content of the soil, nutrient salts were supplied in limited quantities to prevent microorganisms being affected by osmotic stress.


Dr. Stephan Huettmann

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