ENA technology for ground water remediation

Project description

The task covered the remediation of ground water contaminated with CHC from a large aquifer and its basis at the former Progress Center in Zeesen, also a former Soviet Military Base. The remediation technology consisted of several complex processes, an integral component being the ENA processing system assigned to Sensatec. The process consists of the activation of microorganisms by cyclic infiltration with appropriate quantities of lactate / molasses solution which results in a controlled reduction of contaminants, an increase in reduction reactions and 50% reduction in the formation of ethene.


Technology / Features

The natural degradation of tetra- and trichloroethene are observed at CHC-contaminated sites due to reductive dechlorination. In order to increase existing microbial degradation to an extent where complete degradation can be achieved in a short time, an introduction of simple usable organic substrates is required. The prerequisites for the most effective microbial degradation of contaminants include the direct contact among introduced substrates, microorganisms and contaminants. The maximum distributions of substrates are achieved by employing the use of actively guided circulation cells. Approximately 70 wells, in the range of 12-25 m deep, were used to ensure the optimum circulation of ground water. The wells were connected by several kilometers of network measuring and controlling systems.

To ensure an optimum and error-free operation, the monitoring systems and wells were equipped with a variety of measuring and warning systems. These measuring and warning systems monitored and reported important parameters such as water level, temperature, water flow and dosage quantity. Analog signals and counts were also recorded and remotely transmitted and visualized through the Internet in real time. Remote connection to the systems was enabled via a VPN connection. This connection allows individual components to be switched on/off, in addition to enabling parameter settings to be changed. .


Dipl.-Ing. Mark Zittwitz

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