Wedel hydraulic distribution of active agents for the biostimulation of in-situ reductive CHC dechlorination

Project description

CHC contamination with concentrations of 10,000 μg /L was detected in the complex structure of an aquifer at the location of a former electronics company. After a pressurised multilevel injection system was installed, an effective distribution of active electron donors could then be achieved by the temporary operated vertical and horizontal circulation cells. In addition, to improve the flow through the fine pore structures, pressure pulses of 6 bars were executed..


Technology / Features

In cases containing stratified aquifer structures, simple passive co-substrate injection methods are usually not sufficient. This is due to the different preferential pathways that can occur during distribution. On the other hand, vertical and horizontal oriented circulation cells supported by pulse injection techniques result in efficient distribution of active substances even in complex structured aquifers. The active substances are able to travel faster within critical reaction zones and the treatment periods for biological restoration procedures can be significantly reduced.


Dr. Stephan Hüttmann

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