Project description

An accident led to the leakage of several hundred liters of CHC at a large formerly operated dry cleaning facility. Since neither ISCO technology nor in-situ bioremediation had generated satisfactory results, a "hot water flushing" procedure was recommended by the environmental consultants as an alternative. Such a solution was offered by Sensatec in a tender bid. After installing the system, ground water was treated in a specific part of the plume as a pilot test. Based on the demonstrated high efficiency of CHC removal, Sensatec was awarded the contract for the in-Situ remediation of the entire contaminated area.


Technology / Features

Application of the "hot water flushing" technology, unlike other contaminant mobilization procedures, does not require the addition of chemical compounds such as, alcohols, surfactants or emulsified vegetable oils. The effectiveness of the process is based exclusively on the dispersion of large organic compounds when the temperature of the ground water is increased. Using this technology, the extraction rate of the contaminant can be substantially increased many times. After using the “hot water flushing” technology, an effective bioremediation procedure can then be applied..


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