Intensive oil phase removal with biosparging

Project description

At a production site in Forchheim, a detected oil phase 50 cm thick was removed by extraction, using a double pumping process. The extracted water was purified in a coalescence separator, using a two stage activated charcoal filtering device and finally filtered by a ditch system. The relatively high concentration of dissolved mineral oil constituents in groundwater was lowered by the biosparging process. Through the proper arrangement of the air injection lances, even the highly contaminated capillary spaces were exposed to the remediation process..



Technology / Features

Conventional oil phase extraction is usually accompanied by lowering the water table. This is done to accelerate the influx of the oil phase to the extraction well. However, lowering the water table usually lead to disturbances between the floating oil phase and the ground water. Consequently, the oil phase cannot be reached at all. However, thanks to the use of parallel air intake techniques, the local ground water elevation was achieved by proper site-specific injection management. This resulted in an improved contact between the oil and water phase which led to a more effective oil phase extraction in the region of the plume.


Dirk Millentrup

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