The efficient control of environmental impacts requires thorough knowledge of relevant underground process dynamics. Added reactant degradation and dispersal processes, microbial processes and migration dynamics need to be recorded precisely, in order to physically control and properly manage all procedures applied. Very often, it is only possible to precisely capture processes using online-sensor techniques. For this reason, Sensatec has been using in-situ sensor techniques right from the start and has acquired comprehensive knowledge in this field, assisting in highly efficient and economical environmental impact remediation procedures.


  • Aquifer-integrated (AISK), measuring-point-integrated (MISK)
  • Remote access • Redox potential, conductivity, temperature, dissolved O2, pH
  • Ion selective electrode • Pressure, hydraulic gradient
  • Gas saturation sensor technology


WASP – Wireless Adaptive Sensor Phalanx

  • Versatile radio system for the wireless transmission of data from sensors
  • Networking as the future trend in sensor technology
  • Intelligent sensors are used for measuring changes in environmental conditions