SensaGuard online water monitoring

Project description

Clean water is an increasingly scarce, essential resource nowadays and the demand for it is growing continuously. Though drinking water is checked regularly, the analysis is limited to the water quality at the time of analysis and the specific substances being tested for. Moreover, the threats of contamination and contaminated sites are growing steadily as more and more unknown and new contaminants are being discovered, for which reliable laboratory tests have not yet been offered.


Technology / Features

In cooperation with other companies and research institutes, Sensatec developed an early warning biological system for the real-time detection of harmful environmental toxins in water. The system records the movement frequency and patterns of the test organisms. Contamination results in significant changes in the organismĀ“s behavior by means of demonstrating, escape behavior, ventilation change, and in extreme situations, death. The behavior data is compared in real-time with their empirically determined normal behavior. Programmed alarm algorithms generate an alarm for each individual biosensor chamber demonstrating significant abnormalities in behavior.


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