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The interdisciplinary Sensatec team is comprised of process technicians, engineers, biotechnologists, hydro geologists, soil scientists and geologists as well as electrical and environmental protection engineers, among others.
Our outstanding performance in both, implementing technical environmental remediation measures and successfully managing contaminated sites results from interlinking both technical and scientific know-how with interdisciplinary thinking. Currently, we are working on app. 150 remediation projects, several research projects and numerous feasibility studies. Together with our partners from distinguished research institutes, we are working on creating innovative and powerful new environmental remediation technologies. .



Sensatec Ltd. provides sophisticated technologies for contaminated site analysis and remediation. Furthermore, it offers intelligent sensor-based environmental monitoring systems. With more than 300 successful reference projects, Sensatec belongs to Germany‘s market leaders in in-situ groundwater remediation services.
We are highly dedicated to providing products and services of very good quality. This includes being highly committed and providing reliable service as well as closely collaborating with our clients and customers. It is our corporate management‘s and all of our staff‘s obligation to understand and satisfy our customers' needs.
Our collaboration with our clients is based on mutual respect, trust, close cooperation and open discourse. We commonly strive to create healthy and safe working conditions and successful project outcomes.
Continuous service and procedure improvement and development ensure that our products and services remain highly competitive on the global market. Our working procedures are constantly analyzed and optimized, minimizing process malfunction and avoiding hazardous working situations and injuries.




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