Europe´s largest bio-oxidation wall treats 10,000 m³ of drinking water daily

Project description

In order to obtain 10,000 m³/day of drinking water in Berlin-Friedrichshagen waterworks, a large groundwater reservoir contaminated with NH4-N and organic trace elements was first treated before reaching the waterworks´ fountains. The reservoir holds approximately 200 million m³ of ground water containing 3,500 tons of NH4-N in addition to cis-dichloroethene, vinyl chloride, phenobarbital and p-TSA. For this purpose, an oxygen storage tank was installed 500 m upstream of the wells, as a sensor supported BIOXWAND bio-oxidation wall based on the patent EP 1550519. The gas reservoir currently has a size of 800 m (transverse direction), 25 m thick and 40 m in depth and treats 200 kg of NH4-N /day of contaminated ground water in situ..


Technology / Features

Sensatec GmbH uses specially developed gas injection lances, aquifer-installed sensors and space integrated monitoring elements. The gas injection measurement technology essentially works to monitor, detect and record the measurements of stored reactive gases. For the management of gas walls, the active agents are injected per actual consumption and are aligned with the geological structure model, properly timed and contain adjustable pressure and volumetric flow. In order to execute time-variable oxygen dosages in a process-oriented manner, the gas storage management must be based on the analysis of gas saturation, distribution, resolution and spreading rate. .


Dr. Frank Ingolf Engelmann

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