Active gas drainage and treatment plant for landfill at Brocken Collection, Bielefeld

Project description

Hazard assessment identified the following measures to protect the new location:

  • Protection of construction workers against the risks arising from the exposure to landfill gases during the demolition and construction of the old and new buildings respectively
  • Protection of workers against direct contact with landfill effluents and gases during construction works
  • Preventing waste disposal deposits from migrating into closed areas of the new building
  • Preventing the dispersion of harmful landfill gases


Main features of the technical solutions offered by Sensatec:

  • Horizontal gas surface drainage constructed as surface filters resembling round pebbles installed under the building
  • Combination of the draining pipes (suction cups) in each partial surface filter on the collecting pipes
  • Enabling gas deflagration through the monitoring, sampling and application of mix air dosing procedures
  • Complete explosion-proof extraction system installed with downstream bio filters for the oxidation of methane
  • Metrological monitoring of methane, volume flow; temperature and vacuum in the raw, mixed and clean air
  • Complete remote control connection to the building’s control systems


Dipl.-Ing. Mark Zittwitz

phone (030) 8094 1576